These are the photos I took on April 12, 2016 in New Mexico. They are of the Pueblo Indian Numeum, the Petroglyphs National Monument, the Museum of Nuclear Science and History, and the countryside in eastern New Mexico.

dsc_1363_small.jpg dsc_1364_small.jpg dsc_1365_small.jpg dsc_1366_small.jpg
dsc_1367_small.jpg endofpueblomuseumdsc_1368_small.jpg petroglyphnationalmonumentdsc_1369_small.jpg dsc_1370_small.jpg
dsc_1371_small.jpg dsc_1372_small.jpg dsc_1373_small.jpg dsc_1374_small.jpg
dsc_1375_small.jpg dsc_1376_small.jpg dsc_1377_small.jpg dsc_1378_small.jpg
dsc_1379_small.jpg dsc_1380_small.jpg dsc_1381_small.jpg dsc_1382_small.jpg

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