These are the photos I took on April 12, 2016 in New Mexico. They are of the Pueblo Indian Numeum, the Petroglyphs National Monument, the Museum of Nuclear Science and History, and the countryside in eastern New Mexico.

dsc_1623_small.jpg dsc_1625_small.jpg dsc_1626_small.jpg dsc_1627_small.jpg
dsc_1628_small.jpg dsc_1630_small.jpg dsc_1631_small.jpg dsc_1632_small.jpg
dsc_1634_small.jpg dsc_1635_small.jpg dsc_1636_small.jpg dsc_1637_small.jpg
dsc_1638_small.jpg dsc_1639_small.jpg dsc_1640_small.jpg dsc_1641_small.jpg
dsc_1642_small.jpg dsc_1643_small.jpg dsc_1644_small.jpg dsc_1645_small.jpg

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