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Washington Videos:
Anacortes: Fidalgo Island
Anacortes: Shipwreck Days
Astoria Bridge:
Banks Lake: in the "Grand Coulee"
Birch Bay:
Cape Disappointment:
Cape Flattery: The Cape
Cape Flattery: The Cove
Cape Flattery Trail: Oops #1
Cape Flattery Trail: Oops #2
Cape Horn: Falls
Cape Horn: Viewpoint
Copalis Beach:
Copalis Beach: Sunset
Diablo Lake: North Cascades
Dry Falls State Park: Site of Cataclysmic Ice Age Floods
Ferry to Fort Townsend:
Fort Worden:
Fort Worden Beach: Natural Sounds
Gorge Creek: North Cascades
Grand Coulee Dam #1: On Top
Grand Coulee Dam #2: From the Side
Grand Coulee Dam #3: Inside
Grand Coulee Dam #4: Laser Show - Start
Grand Coulee Dam #5: Laser Show - Beaver
Grand Coulee Dam #6: Laser Show - Continued
Grand Coulee Dam #7: Laser Show - More Water
Grand Coulee Dam #8: Eagles
Long Beach: Giant Chopsticks
Long Beach: Major Cultural Find
Long Beach: Marsh's Museum
Manchester State Park:
Mount Rainier: Box Canyon - River
Mount Rainier: Box Canyon - Glacier
Mount Rainier: Narada Falls Fog
Mount Rainier: Narada Falls Above
Mount Rainier: Narada Falls Top
Mount Rainier: Narada Falls Rainbow
Mount Rainier: Nisqually River
Mount Rainier: Paradise
Mount Rainier: Reflection Lakes 1
Mount Rainier: Reflection Lakes 2
Mount Rainier: RV Trailing Wind
Mount Rainier: View from Lake Louise
Mount St. Helens: Bear Meadows
Mount St. Helens: Boundary Marker & Blast Perimeter
Mount St. Helens: Boundary Trail #1 Falls
Mount St. Helens: Boundary Trail #1
Mount St. Helens: Boundary Trail #1 Snow
Mount St. Helens: Cascade Peaks
Mount St. Helens: Coldwater Lake
Mount St. Helens: Crater Close-up
Mount St. Helens: Eruption Memorial
Mount St. Helens: Highway 99 Bad Roads
Mount St. Helens: Johnston Ridge
Mount St. Helens: Miner's Car
Ocean Shores: Gray Harbor
Olympic National Park: Beach #4
Pacific Beach:
Quinault Tribal Beach Area:
Riverside State Park #1: Bowl and Pitcher
Riverside State Park #2: Spokane Swinging Bridge
Ross Lake: North Cascades
Sauk Mt. Trail: #1
Sauk Mt. Trail: #2 - Top
Sauk Mt. Trail: #3 - Summit
Seattle: Briefly in Traffic
Spokane River Falls: Upper and Lower
Suiattle River:
Tacoma Narrows: The Bridge
Trailer Fire: Route 530
US-Canada Border: A Ditch
US-Canada Peace Arch: #1
US-Canada Peace Arch: #2

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