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B.B. King's Birthplace: Itta Bena - A little known spot where one of the best guitar players was born. The actual shack on the plantation is long gone. But, this is the spot.
Elvis' birthplace : Elvis was born in this house in Tupelo, Mississippi. Take a very quick look at the grounds.
Fireflies: They are hard to see, but I love them. They remind me of my childhood. This was at the Grand Gulf Military Park in Mississippi
Mississippi Siren: A loud siren broke the serenity of the forest along the Mississippi River in the Grand Gulf Military Park. No, it was not the Homeric kind. This is one of my first videos with my new cellphone. Don't worry, I'll learn to not turn it after I start recording.
Nanih Waiya: Bayou Rapids
Nanih Waiya Creek Sounds: The Nanih Waiya creek babbles along.
Nanih Waiya Mother Mound: According to Choctaw traditionalists, this is where the Choctaw (and Cherokee, Muscogee Creeks, and others) emerged from the ground into this world. It is in southern Winston County, Mississippi
Nanih Waiya Nature Sounds: Animal sounds along Nanih Waiya creek in Mississippi
Owl Creek Mounds: These are the Owl Creek Mounds along the Natchez Trace south of Tupelo, Mississippi.
Robert Johnson Crossroads #1: Robert Johnson was said to have sold his soul to the Devil in order to become the Blues Man he became. This is one of the two "possible" places it happened. Highways 61 & 49 in Clarksdale
Robert Johnson Crossroads #2: This is the other crossroads mentioned as to where he sold his soul. This is in Rosedale, Mississippi.
Windsor Ruins: This is all that is left of a plantation which survived the Civil War, but dud not survive a careless smoker in 1890. This is just south of Port Gibson, Mississippi.
Winterville Mounds: Winterville Mounds are just north of Greenville, Mississippi. They are one of the larger earthworks sites in the USA.

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