These are the photos I took on September 6, 2017 while hiking to Vernal and Nevada Falls. I took the Mist Trail up, and the John Muir Trail down. There was some forest fires in the southern part of Yosemite National Park. As the morning went on, the smoke and hazy got worse.

yosemitemisttrailandvernalfalls_small.jpg dsc_7604_fs_small.jpg dsc_7605_fs_small.jpg dsc_7606_fs_small.jpg dsc_7607_fs_small.jpg
dsc_7608_fs_small.jpg dsc_7609_fs_small.jpg dsc_7610_fs_small.jpg dsc_7611_fs_small.jpg dsc_7612_fs_small.jpg
dsc_7613_fs_small.jpg dsc_7614_fs_small.jpg dsc_7615_fs_small.jpg dsc_7616_fs_small.jpg dsc_7617_fs_small.jpg
dsc_7618_fs_small.jpg dsc_7619_fs_small.jpg dsc_7620_fs_small.jpg dsc_7621_fs_small.jpg dsc_7622_23_fs_affopa_small.jpg
dsc_7622_fs_small.jpg dsc_7623_fs_small.jpg dsc_7624_fs_small.jpg _073511_fs_small.jpg dsc_7625_fs_small.jpg

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