These are photos I took on June 28, 2017. This was the first day the Going-to-the-Sun Road had been open this season. I drove from West Glacier to the Wild Goose Island Viewpoint and back. All of these photos are mine except for four National Park Service photos which are in the public domain. I included them to show what has to be done to reopen the road each year. There are also some photos of McDonald Creek Falls at the very end.

You can find a Topo map of the area at this website -

_104025_fs_small.jpg _104709_fs_small.jpg _110128_fs_small.jpg _112004_fs_small.jpg _122112_fs_small.jpg
_122959_fs_small.jpg _123155_fs_small.jpg _131612_fs_small.jpg _142529_fs_small.jpg glaciernationalpark_small.jpg
dsc_5138_fs_small.jpg dsc_5139_fs_small.jpg dsc_5140_fs_small.jpg goingtothesunroad_small.jpg dsc_5141_fs_small.jpg
dsc_5142_fs_small.jpg dsc_5144_fs_small.jpg dsc_5146_fs_small.jpg dsc_5148_fs_small.jpg dsc_5150_fs_small.jpg
dsc_5151_fs_small.jpg dsc_5152_fs_small.jpg dsc_5153_fs_small.jpg dsc_5154_fs_small.jpg dsc_5155_fs_small.jpg

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