These are the photos I took on June 27, 2017 in Glacier National Park. The Going-to-the-Sun Roas is still closed to vehicles. (Note: It would be opened the next day). I decided to hike up the road for a ways, which was allowed. There had been a thunderstorm the night before. At the start of the hike (8am), there was lots of fog and low clouds. I evetually hiked 6 miles up the road, for a total round terip of 12 miles. Most of the time, I had the road to myself. There were often 10 minute periods of time when I saw no one else. It extended to 20 to 30 minutes for one period. I encountered a Black Bear during part of the hike. When I first saw it (it was in heavy undergrowth), it was only 10 feet away from me. I did not get any good photos of the bear. i was too busy getting out of its way to do that. There is one photo where you can make out a bit it the bear.

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