Photos I took on June 18, 2017 at Beavertail Hill State Park. It is mostly of the Clark Fork River. It also has at the end, a nice scene with clouds and a tipi which I modified a bit to show different aspects of the picture.

dsc_3455_61_fs_affopa_small.jpg dsc_3455_fs_small.jpg dsc_3456_fs_small.jpg dsc_3457_fs_small.jpg dsc_3458_fs_small.jpg
dsc_3459_fs_small.jpg dsc_3460_fs_small.jpg dsc_3461_fs_small.jpg dsc_3462_fs_small.jpg dsc_3463_fs_small.jpg
_150313_fs_small.jpg dsc_3464_68_fs_affopa_small.jpg dsc_3464_fs_small.jpg dsc_3465_fs_small.jpg dsc_3466_fs_small.jpg
dsc_3467_fs_small.jpg dsc_3468_fs_small.jpg dsc_3469_fs_small.jpg dsc_3470_fs_small.jpg dsc_3471_76_fs_affopa_small.jpg
dsc_3471_76_fs_affopasat50_small.jpg dsc_3471_fs_small.jpg dsc_3472_fs_small.jpg dsc_3473_fs_small.jpg dsc_3474_fs_small.jpg
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