Garnet Ghost Town


In the early 1860s, Gold was discovered where Bear Creek met the Clark Fork. In 1865, there was another strike on Bear Gulch. A 32 ounce gold nugget found on Bilk Creek brought even more prospectors into the area of what would eventually become Garnet. The difficulty in getting into the area kept large concerns from working here, Eventually after the silver market bottomed out in 1895, gold became a good business again. Garnet was built to support that effort. Garnet soon had al ost 1,000 occupants. By the end of the gold book in 1917, over $950,000 in gold was discovered here. The book was short. By 1905, the town only had 150 occupants left. By 1920, it was almost entirely abandoned. There was a short resurrence in the mid-1930s, but it did not last. The road into Garnet from the north (Hwy 200) is all paved. From the south, it is 10 miles of "unimproved" road, with the last 2 miles being fairly rough and steep. The BLM manages the site. They call it "Montana's Best-preserved Ghost Town. - Garnet Ghost Town -

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