Various photographs I took as I traveled from Spokane to the Grand Coulee Dam area on July 6, 2017. Most of them are in and around the dam, Lake Roosevelt and the Columbia River. The travel pictures are at the end.


The Grand Coulee Dam is the second largest concrete structure in the world. Only the Three Gorges Dam project in China is bigger. If you took all of the concrete in the dam, and used it to make a sidewalk, it would go around the workld twice. Tours of the dam were free. You could take photos and videos (with some restrictions) when I went through. Each night they had a free laser show on the dam wall itself. This makes the dam one of the biggest movie screens in the world, too.

_164627_fs_small.jpg _172726_fs_small.jpg _183813_fs_small.jpg _220253_fs_small.jpg grandcouleedamandlakerooseveltbyday_small.jpg
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dsc_6661_fs_small.jpg dsc_6662_fs_small.jpg dsc_6664_66_fs_affopa_small.jpg dsc_6664_fs_small.jpg dsc_6665_fs_small.jpg
dsc_6667_fs_small.jpg dsc_6675_fs_small.jpg dsc_6676_fs_small.jpg dsc_6677_fs_small.jpg dsc_6678_80_fs_affopa_small.jpg
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