These are the photos I took on July 1, 2017 as I drove from Libby, Montana to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. The Kootenai River Falls encompass one of the largest, open stretches waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. In less than a mile, the river drops 90 feet. The main falls is approximately 30 feet high.


There is also a pedestrian suspension bridge across the river a little down stream. It is called the "Swinging Bridge" because it moves as you walk on it. It is a little over 200 feet long, and just under 100 feet above the river below.


Parts of the 2015 movie "The Revenant", with Leonardo Di Caprio, were shot here. Additionally, the 1994 movie "River Wild" with Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon was shot nearby.


Included are:

Kootenair River Falls - Page # - 1

Kootenai River Swinging Bridge - Page # - 4

Troy - Page # - 6

Moyie Bridge, Dam, Canyon and Town - Page # - 6

Bonners Ferry - Page # - 7

Coeur d'Alene - Page # - 7

Libby, Montana to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Page # - 8

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