Crater Lake was formed approximately 7,700 years ago. A massive volcanic eruption blew off the top of Mount Mazama (12,000 above sea level). Eventually the crater collapsed as the magma chamber below emptied. This left a very deep caldera. Over the centuries, snow and rain filled the deep chasm, making it the deepest lake in North America. Lacking any other source of water, leaves the lake's water relatively pure. This aids in the lake's distinct blue color. At its deepest point, the lake goes down 1,943 feet. The lake surface level has stabilized with a balance between new rains and snow, and evaporation. Even with the lake being that deep, the rim ranges from almost 500 to 2,000 feet above the surface of the lake. The crater's rim ranges from 4.5 to 6 miles across.


I entered Crater Lake from the southeastern side along Highway 62. There was a nearby forest fire which made the skies smoky in most locations. Even though it was late August, there was also some snow in several spots. Crater Lake gets an average of about 44 feet of snow a year. The Crater is circumnavigated by Rim Drive, which is 33 miles long.

There are also some photos of the Fort Klamath and the drive from Newberry Volcano to Crater Lake.


My 10 Crater Lake Videos from August 26, 2017 in the order I shot them.

#1 - Annie Creek Canyon - -

#2 - Vidae Falls - -

#3 - Sun Notch #1 - -

#4 - Sun Notch #2 - -

#5 - Phantom Ship Viewpoint - -

#6 - The Pinnacles - -

#7 - Forest Fire - -

#8 - Skell Head - -

#9 - Merriam Point - -

#10 - Wizard Island - -


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