These are the photos I took on August 24, 2017 as I visited the Newberry Volcano Monumant. Included are:

Newberry National Volcanic Monument:

Lava Lands - Page #1 -

Caldera - Page #5 -

Big Obsidion Flow - Page #5 -

Paulina Falls - Page #10 -

Redmond and Bend - Page #1 -

redmondandbendoregon_small.jpg dsc_4945_fs_small.jpg dsc_4946_fs_small.jpg dsc_4947_50_fs_affopa_small.jpg dsc_4951_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4952_fs_small.jpg dsc_4953_fs_small.jpg dsc_4954_fs_small.jpg dsc_4955_fs_small.jpg dsc_4956_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4957_fs_small.jpg dsc_4958_fs_small.jpg dsc_4959_fs_small.jpg newberryvolcanolavalands_small.jpg dsc_4960_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4961_62_fs_affopa_small.jpg dsc_4963_fs_small.jpg dsc_4964_fs_small.jpg dsc_4965_fs_det_small.jpg dsc_4966_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4967_fs_small.jpg dsc_4968_fs_small.jpg dsc_4969_fs_det_small.jpg dsc_4970_fs_small.jpg dsc_4971_fs_small.jpg

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