Photos I tok on August 22, 2017 as I drove from Long Creek to Crooked River, Oregon. Included are:

John Day Fossil Beds National Monument, Painted Hills Unit - Page #1 -

Smith Rock - Page #7 -

Steelhead Falls and Deschutes River - Page #7 -

Long Creek to Crooked River, Oregon - Page #11 -

johndayfossilbedsnationalmonument_small.jpg dsc_4651_fs_small.jpg dsc_4653_fs_small.jpg dsc_4655_fs_small.jpg dsc_4656_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4657_fs_small.jpg dsc_4659_fs_small.jpg dsc_4660_fs_small.jpg dsc_4661_fs_small.jpg dsc_4662_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4663_fs_small.jpg dsc_4664_fs_small.jpg dsc_4665_fs_small.jpg dsc_4666_fs_small.jpg dsc_4667_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4668_fs_small.jpg johndayfossilbedsnationalmonumentpaintedhillstrail_small.jpg dsc_4669_fs_small.jpg dsc_4670_fs_small.jpg dsc_4671_fs_small.jpg
dsc_4672whowasjohnday_small.jpg dsc_4673_fs_small.jpg dsc_4674_fs_small.jpg dsc_4674a_fs_small.jpg dsc_4675_fs_small.jpg

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